Established by the School of Biological Sciences in 2009, the MSc in the field of Food Safety and Toxicology programme aims to provide a comprehensive training on a multi-disciplinary field involving general toxicology, food toxicology, regulatory toxicology, and food safety management.

The distinctive feature of this toxicology programme is its focus on food safety perspectives. It emphasizes on basic knowledge as well as practical skills in recognition and evaluation of human exposure to potentially hazardous chemicals and pathogens, in our living environment and via dietary intake of foods. Special reference will be made to food safety evaluation and regulation.

Students are expected to have basic knowledge in physiology, biochemistry, chemistry or molecular biology for understanding the topics covered in the programme. The programme is intended for those with relevant experience in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical and public health sectors.

You may refer to the 2024 Regulations and Syllabuses (subject to approval) for details.

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Faculty of Science – Master of Science in the field of Food Safety and Toxicology