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Dr. Kenneth M. Y. Leung, JP

Director & Professor

Room 3N19

(852) 2299 0607


Aquatic toxicology and ecophysiology, ecological risk assessment and quantitative ecology.

Dr. Billy K.C. Chow

Chair Professor

Room 4N12

(852) 2299 0850


Endocrinology of brain-gut peptides, pleiotropic activities of secretin in our body, evolution of GHRH/PACAP peptides and receptors.

Dr. David Dudgeon

Chair Professor

Room 3N05

(852) 2299 0602


Freshwater ecology and biodiversity conservation.

Room 7S14

(852) 2299 0319


Stress-tolerant crops, plant bioreactors, plant lipids & isoprenoids, agricultural biotechnology, plant molecular biology.

Dr. Matthew Evans

Professor & Dean

Faculty of Science


Climate change impacts, Computational ecology, Behavioural ecology, Evolutionary biology, Conservation biology.

Dr. Yvonne Sadovy


Room 3S01

(852) 2299 0603


Ichthyology, fisheries management and conservation of reef fishes, reproductive biology of fishes especially in respect of hermaphroditism.

Room 3S16

(852) 2299 0608


Systematics, phylogenetics and reproductive biology of flowering plants.

Dr. Nagendra P. Shah


Room 6N08

(852) 2299 0836


Probiotics, prebiotics, and functional foods; ACE-Inhibitory peptides and blood pressure; functionality of dairy foods; EPS stater cultures; biotransformation of isoflavones.

Dr. Gray A. Williams


Room 3S02

(852) 2299 0604


Intertidal ecology, herbivore-autotroph interactions, behaviour and ecophysiology of intertidal species, especially molluscs.

Dr. Anderson O.L. Wong


Room 4S12

(852) 2299 0863


Neuroendocrine regulation and signal transduction mechanisms for pituitary hormone expression in fish models.

Room 4S14

(852) 2299 0865


Molecular and cellular mechanisms that regulate normal ovarian function and the development of ovarian cancer.

Dr. Timothy C. Bonebrake

Associate Professor

Room 6S15

(852) 2299 0675


Global Change, Conservation Biology, Tropical Ecology, Natural History, Urban Ecosystems, Climate, Biogeography, Lepidoptera.

Dr. Stefano Cannicci

Associate Professor

Room 2S04

(852) 2299 0673


Mangrove ecology and conservation, crabs-trees interactions in mangrove systems, behavioural ecology of intertidal crabs, evolutionary biology of intertidal and terrestrial crabs.

Dr. Hani S. El-Nezami

Associate Professor

Room 5S13

(852) 2299 0835


Food safety and toxicology with special focus on natural carcinogens; Transplacental transfer of toxins and disease development later in life; Probiotics and the prevention of liver and metabolic syndrome diseases.

Dr. Ji-Dong Gu

Associate Professor

Room 6N15

(852) 2299 0605


Environmental microbiology, and environmental toxicology, bacterial metabolic pathways, plasmid biology of Vibrio species, biochemical processed of phytoremediation.

Dr. Wallace B.L. Lim

Associate Professor

Room 5N13

(852) 2299 0826


Agricultural biotechnology and biofuels; Carbon and phosphorus metabolisms of plants and microbes; Plant and microbial phosphatases.

Dr. Clive S.C. Lo

Associate Professor

Room 7N03

(852) 2299 0337


Biosynthesis and metabolic engineering of natural products in crop plants (rice, sorghum, tomato), plant biochemistry and molecular biology.

Dr. Wing Yee Lui

Associate Professor

Room 4N08

(852) 2299 0804


Cytokine-mediated cell-cell adhesion, regulation of cell junction restructuring, transcription regulation of E3 ligases, ubiquitin-dependent protein degradation in the testis.

Dr. Bayden Russell

Associate Professor

Room 2S05

(852) 2299 0680


Marine Ecology (particularly subtidal), Climate Change and Nutrient Pollution impacts in marine ecosystems, herbivore and algal ecophysiology, Ecosystem Phase-shifts, Sustainable Aquaculture Production.

Dr. V. ThiyagaRajan

Associate Professor

Room 2S03

(852) 2299 0601


Ocean acidification; Environmental proteomics; Biofouling: Larval Biology; Oyster Fishery and Aquaculture; and Ecological and economic consequences of larval exposure to environmental stressors.

Dr. Jennifer M.F. Wan

Associate Professor

Room 5S16

(852) 2299 0838


Chinese medicine, dietary lipids and cancer, antioxidants and immune function, proteomics & nutrigenomics.

Dr. M.F. Wang

Associate Professor

Room 7N16

(852) 2299 0338


Functional foods, natural products, Maillard reaction, natural product chemistry, instrumental analysis, food chemistry.

Dr. Aixin Yan

Associate Professor

Room 7S01

(852) 2299 0864


Microbial Stress Response, Origin of Antibiotic and Multidrug Resistance During Stress Response.

Dr. Moriaki Yasuhara

Associate Professor

Room 3S12

(852) 2299 0317


Paleoecology and macroecology, biodiversity patterns, climatic impacts, deep-sea biology, human-induced ecosystem degradation.

Room 7S09

(852) 2299 0328


Plant biochemistry, regulation of plant hormone ethylene biosynthesis, co-product cyanide detoxification, ethylene signal transduction.

Dr. Jiangwen Zhang

Associate Professor

Room 7N06

(852) 2299 0341


Integrated analysis of epigenetic regulation, gene regulatory network, and signaling pathway in stem cells, development, and tumorigenesis with high through-put 'omics' and systems biology.

Dr. Louise Amy Ashton

Assistant Professor

Room 6S01

(852) 2299 0313


Tropical rainforest, canopies, food webs, insects, climate change, processes and patterns of biodiversity.

Dr. David M. Baker

Assistant Professor

Room 6S14

(852) 2299 0606


Coral Reef Ecology, Stable Isotope Ecology, Evolution & Extinction of Symbiosis, Global Change, Marine Pollution, Conservation Forensics.

Dr. C.B. Chan

Assistant Professor

Room 5N10

(852) 2299 0823


Molecular mechanisms of obesity-induced diabetes, Body weight regulation, Identification of small molecular weight compounds with therapeutic potentials against metabolic syndrome.

Dr. Juan D. Gaitan-Espitia

Assistant Professor

Room 3S03

(852) 2299 0637


Evolutionary ecology, Eco-physiology, Functional and comparative genomics, Quantitative genetics, Climate change biology

Dr. Benoit Guénard

Assistant Professor

Room 3S11

(852) 2299 0665


Biodiversity & Biogeography, Community Ecology, Biological Invasions, Urban Ecology, Insect Ecology, Paleoentomology, Taxonomy, Foraging Ecology and Ants!

Dr. Olivier Habimana

Assistant Professor

Room 6S02

(852) 2299 0312


Food Microbiology, Food Safety, Biofilms, Biofouling and Microbial ecology.

Dr. Jetty C.Y. Lee

Assistant Professor

Room 6S09

(852) 2299 0318


Lipid Oxidation Biomarkers.
Antioxidant and Oxidative Stress in Human Nutrition.
Fatty Acid Metabolites and Lipidomics.

Dr. Jimmy C.Y. Louie

Assistant Professor

Room 5S14

(852) 2299 0677


Carbohydrate metabolism, diet and metabolic health, dietary management of diabetes, nutritional epidemiology.

Dr. Celia Schunter

Assistant Professor

Room 3S05

(852) 2299 0304


Ecological genomics, transcriptomics & epigenomics of adaptation, response to environmental change, transgenerational inheritance, and environmental effects on behaviour and the brain in marine organisms.

Dr. Simon Y.W. Sin

Assistant Professor

Room 5N12

(852) 2299 0825


Animal coloration, behavioural ecology, conservation genomics, evolutionary biology, gene family evolution, genotype-phenotype association, host-pathogen co-evolution and mate choice.

Dr. Tanja Sobko

Assistant Professor

Room 7N08

(852) 2299 0611

Nutrition, Sports Nutrition. Lifestyle modifications with special emphasis on childhood obesity; wellness/health enhancement and communication.

Room 4S15

(852) 2299 0848


Cell Division, Chromosome Segregation, Centromere/Kinetochore Formation and Propagation, Genome Instability in Cancers, Epigenetics, Cell Cycle Regulation.

Dr. Yuanliang Zhai

Assistant Professor

Room 4N10

(852) 2299 0847


Regulation of DNA replication in eukaryotes, cryo-electron microscopy in structure determination, and optical super-resolution imaging

Dr Yik Hei Sung

Research Assistant Professor

Room 2N11

(852) 2299 0654


Conservation biology, Freshwater and terrestrial ecology, Taxonomy and evolution of amphibians and reptiles.

Dr. Billy C.H. Hau

Principal Lecturer

Room 3N20

(852) 2299 0609


Ecological restoration of degraded tropical landscape, environmental impact assessment, biodiversity assessment.

Dr. Caroline Dingle

Senior Lecturer

Room 6S13

(852) 2299 0674


Global Change Ecology, Behavioral Ecology, Animal Communication, Conservation Genetics, Evolution, Tropical Biodiversity, Urban Ecology, Birds.

Dr. Janet K.Y. Chan


Room 4S13

(852) 2299 0614

Waste management, environmental pollution and health risk assessment, environmental education

Dr. Jimmy S.H. Tsang


Room 7S06

(852) 2299 0330


The genetics and proteomic analysis of haloacid-degrading bacteria, molecular analysis of the regulation of a haloacid dehalogenase operon in Burkholderia cepacia, heterologous expression using yeast systems.

Dr. L. Zhang


Ground Floor

(852) 2299 0308

Application of time-domain NMR and MRI in food analysis, postharvest quality of fruit and vegetable, chemometrics for food quality control.