For Postgraduate Research at the School of Biological Science we offer a stimulating and supportive environment for research and research training.

In postgraduate research programmes, students undertake supervised research leading to the production of a thesis over a prescribed period of time. Higher degrees available by research are:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD, 3 or 4 years)

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil, 2 years)


School Requirements

For MPhil students: Participation in and presentation at research seminars and/or guided studies.

For PhD students: Participation in and presentation at seminars.

Applicants are strongly recommended to browse the web pages of each Research Area: Area of Ecology & Biodiversity and Area of Molecular & Cell Biology to identify a staff member who is carrying out research closest to their interests. You should then contact them by email to ascertain whether the staff member intends to take on a new student this year, and whether you are suitable. If you receive a positive response, you should work with this member of staff to develop a research project of mutual interest.

Postgraduate Admissions Advisor

Dr David M. Baker (Area of Ecology & Biodiversity)

Prof. Aixin Yan (Area of Molecular & Cell Biology)

Tel: 2299 0800

Fax: 2559 9114



Information for Current Students

Research postgraduates (RPGs) are required to take two compulsory courses and two elective courses, please check Course Modules for details.

Apart from completing the courses, RPGs should fulfill the requirements for confirmation of candidature, please visit FAQ in Graduate School.

Procedures for MPhil / PhD Thesis Submission, please visit Online Thesis Submission System  (Instruction)

Procedures for Confirmation and Transfer of MPhil / PhD Candidature, please click here


Career Prospects

RPGs of the biological sciences find work in departments of government, food industries, hospitals, institutes, education, consultancies, non-governmental organizations, private sector and doing research in universities both locally and overseas.

For Postgraduate Resources, please visit Faculty of Science or Graduate School.