The MSc in Environmental Management was launched in September 1989 as the University of Hong Kong’s first inter-faculty, multi-disciplinary taught masters programme. The overall objective of the Programme is to respond to Hong Kong’s need for more trained personnel in the field of environmental management.

The curriculum is multi-disciplinary in character and draws upon inputs from a broad range of subject areas, including the natural sciences, engineering, urban planning and law. Written coursework and a dissertation provide opportunities for specialized work on specific topics.

The Programme seeks to provide students with a comprehensive perspective on environmental protection and management issues and to equip them to participate effectively in the resolution of such issues in both the public and private sectors. All the teachers on the programme have considerable experience in the field of environmental management, both locally and internationally. They come from various departments and academic units across the University including the School of Biological Sciences, Policy for Sustainability Lab, Faculty of Social Sciences, the Department of Earth Sciences, the Department of Civil Engineering, the Department of Mechanical Engineering and the Department of Professional Legal Education. In addition, we have numerous visiting lecturers from other local and international academic institutions, consultancy companies and government departments.

The programme will involve part-time study for a period of two years or full-time study for one year. The annual student intake is approximately 50. Students come from a wide range of academic and employment backgrounds and this is another important distinguishing feature of the programme.

You may refer to the 2024 Regulations and Syllabuses (subject to approval) for details.

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