Welcome to HKU School of Biological Sciences

There are two universal truths about biology. First, is unity. Life evolved once: its fundamental processes and building blocks are essentially the same regardless of species or location. The second is diversity. Evolution gave rise dazzling variety: millions of species, each with a unique array of adaptations, and a myriad different local communities. At the School of Biological Sciences, we study the proximate mechanisms underlying biological systems as well as their ultimate outcomes.  Our teaching and research contributes to the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature in Hong Kong and globally.




Four decades of research on Japanese Izu Islands finds rising lizard temperatures may change predator-prey relationship with snakes

In a study spanning four decades, researchers from the University of Hong Kong’s Research Division for Ecology & Biodiversity (HKU) in the ...

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Congratulations to our teachers for their receiving of the University's awards, which are to recognise their dedications to research and imparting of ...

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HKU dietetics research identifies low GI diet a potential Type 2 diabetes prevention strategy

Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes blood sugar level to become too high and the complications could be life-threatening. Great ...

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News from Master of Science in Environmental Management (MSc ENVM)

Green buildings can reduce carbon emission and therefore help to mitigate climate change. Our MSc ENVM fresh graduate Ms TSANG Po Yee, Bowie was ...

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