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There are two universal truths about biology. First, is unity. Life evolved once: its fundamental processes and building blocks are essentially the same regardless of species or location. The second is diversity. Evolution gave rise dazzling variety: millions of species, each with a unique array of adaptations, and a myriad different local communities. At the School of Biological Sciences, we study the proximate mechanisms underlying biological systems as well as their ultimate outcomes.  Our teaching and research contributes to the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature in Hong Kong and globally.




Potential parasitic hazards for humans in fish meat

Consumer Council recently made the following finding. Test on Sashimi: Excessive Methylmercury in over Half of Tuna Samples Parasites Detected in ...

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Thirteen new ant species discovered in Hong Kong

"If you believe that all life surrounding you in Hong Kong has been discovered, then you'll realise that you just need to look a bit closer… not ...

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Hong Kong beetle and butterfly research sheds light on “insect apocalypse”

It is about Dr. Tim Bonebrake's research study with his two students Calvin Leung Tsz-kin (current final year Ecology & Biodiversity Bsc) and ...

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A new type of “ecological brick” providing habitats for marine life around the reclaimed land

An excerpt from CHINADAILY news on 18 March, 2019 The Hong Kong government has pledged to give greater consideration to flood prevention and ...

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