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There are two universal truths about biology. First, is unity. Life evolved once: its fundamental processes and building blocks are essentially the same regardless of species or location. The second is diversity. Evolution gave rise dazzling variety: millions of species, each with a unique array of adaptations, and a myriad different local communities. At the School of Biological Sciences, we study the proximate mechanisms underlying biological systems as well as their ultimate outcomes.  Our teaching and research contributes to the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature in Hong Kong and globally.


E & B Seminar Series

September 24 @ 10:00 am

Sleeping in a society of honey bees: The tale of a sleep-deprived dancer and her unwitting followers, and the search ...

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HKU biologists identified bacterial proteins that promote neurodegeneration, shedding light on new ways to prevent or slow down neurodegenerative diseases

Growing evidence indicates that gut microbiota plays a critical role in regulating the progression of neurodegenerative diseases such as ...

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HKU young scientists awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2021

Dr Zheng Chaogu and Dr Louise Amy Ashton have been awarded the prestigious fund under the National Natural Science Foundation of China, an ...

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HKU scientists solve key observational issues in new generation of satellites (CubeSats), transforming the way we track fine-scale changes of our planet from space.

Our Earth has experienced rapid environmental changes tightly tied to anthropogenic activities. Satellite remote sensing offers a quantitative means ...

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HKU Ecologist applied a novel statistical method to analysing causal inference and revealed importance of climate change in controlling deep-sea biodiversity

The research, published in Biology Letters, used long-term fossil records from sediment cores and recently developed statistical method that can ...

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