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There are two universal truths about biology. First, is unity. Life evolved once: its fundamental processes and building blocks are essentially the same regardless of species or location. The second is diversity. Evolution gave rise dazzling variety: millions of species, each with a unique array of adaptations, and a myriad different local communities. At the School of Biological Sciences, we study the proximate mechanisms underlying biological systems as well as their ultimate outcomes.  Our teaching and research contributes to the understanding, appreciation and conservation of nature in Hong Kong and globally.




Elephants : Birth, Death and Family in the Lives of the Giants by Dr Hannah Mumby

Elephants are as unique as people. They can be clever and curious or headstrong and impulsive, shy or sociable. Learn to know them as individuals as ...

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HKU researchers develop a novel wastewater treatment process to effectively remove health hazardous chemical contaminants

Sewage effluents are a significant source for the continuous input of these contaminants into the aquatic environment. High levels of these chemical ...

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HKU marine biologist and international team unveil impacts of heatwave on reef fishes

The marine heatwave of 2016 was one of longest and hottest thermal anomalies recorded on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, influencing multiple ...

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HKU scientists find high concentrations of toxic phenyltin compounds in local Chinese white dolphins and finless porpoises confirming their biomagnification through marine food chains

For years, Professor Kenneth Leung from the HKU School of Biological Sciences and the Swire Institute of Marine Science and his research team, have ...

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