In the fourth year of your Major, there is an excellent opportunity to integrate and apply your experiences and knowledge from your 3 years of study to date at HKU.

Our 12-credit Final Year Project Capstones enable you to conduct your own research working in a discipline that you select and with close supervision for an academic staff member. You will be able to develop and carry out your own ideas and develop your research skills. Our capstones are intended to be challenging and stimulating and our students find them to be very rewarding.

This course is essential if you are taking the accredited option of our Majors (either Ecology & Biodiversity or Molecular & Cell Biology).

The following list of available titles show some of the available projects but other topics might also be available this year and other staff may also offer projects. If you plan to take this course please seek approval from a prospective supervisor prior to your selection.

FYP Titles