By bringing new approaches and novel techniques to standing ecological and evolutionary questions, and operating in the face of historically rapid environmental change in the Greater Bay Area (e.g. urbanization and climate change), the Division is well positioned to continue advances in ecological, environmental and biodiversity science. The below highlights recent studies along these lines.



The section of Ecology & Biodiversity has a wide range of KE activities and various impact cases. Details of the activities and cases could be found Here.

Here are some vital projects.

(1) Given the high leverage of Hong Kong as a global hub in illegal wildlife trade (and the high volume of trade flowing through), there is considerable need to develop tools and stay in front of these illicit activities.

The conservation forensics group within DEB has developed analytical, monitoring, DNA and stable isotope tools to improve understanding of patterns and recommendations for interventions pertaining to illegal wildlife trade.

For details on Conservation forensics, please visit: Conservation Forensics@ HKU


(2) Research on the Humphead (Napoleon) Wrasse by Prof. Yvonne Sadovy has led to its protection and subsequent recovery of both the species and the diverse ecological communities and coral reefs they inhabit.

To know more on Napoleon fish, please visit Napoleon fish