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For enquiries, please contact Ms. Kit-sum LEUNG

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Lab Equipment

There are three Continuous Flow-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer (CF-IRMS) systems in the Stable Isotope Laboratory at HKU which serves research and teaching needs for stable isotope ratio users.


System 1:

Brand: (EA) Eurovector / (IRMS) Nu Perspective

Model: (EA) EA3028 / (IRMS), Nu Perspective

Samples are oxidized, followed by reduction inside the elemental analyzer to convert into CO2 and N2. The gases are separated by packed column gas chromatography and analyzed by the IRMS. The equipment is used for analyzing the isotope ratios of C and N in organic matter (plant/animal tissue) and sediments.


System 2:

Brand: (GC) Agilent / (IRMS) Nu Perspective

Model: (GC) 7890A / (IRMS), Nu Perspective

Volatile organic compounds are first separated by capillary gas chromatography, followed by oxidation to convert in to CO2 and analyzed by the IRMS. This instrument is used for analyzing the isotope ratios of C of individual compounds, such as amino acids, from geological and environmental samples.


System 3:

Brand: EA / IRMS

Model: (EA) EA Isolink/ (Gas Bench) Gas Bench II/ (IRMS) Thermo Delta V Advantage

This isotope ratio mass spectrometer is interfaced with 2 different sample preparation units:


  1. Elemental Analyzer

A temperature ramped GC is included in this EA. As a result, the analysis time for each sample can be reduced with improved separation, making it suitable for measurement of the isotope ratio sulphur, as well as nitrogen and carbon of bulk organic substrates.


  1. Gas Bench with Denitrification Kit

Gas Bench is an innovative solution for high precision on-line isotope and molecular ratio determination of headspace samples. Gas sample is entrained in a helium stream via a sampling needle. The gas then passes through a CO2 scrubber (Ascarite) and N2O is trapped and concentrated in liquid nitrogen cryo-traps. The N2O is carried by helium to the IRMS via a gas chromatography column which separates N2O from the interfering gases. This equipment is mainly used to measure gaseous nitrogen or nitrogen oxides, which are created by biological decomposition of samples containing nitrogen.



The primary analysis performed in our lab are listed below. Please contact the lab staff before submitting the samples to determine the requirement and other services needed. (E-mail:, Tel: 2299 0651)


Instrumentation Isotope Analysis Price (HKD)
Faculty of Science, HKU Other members of HKU External/ Commercial Users
EA d15N and/or d13C  (normal, % element included) 50 60 70
EA d15N and/or d13C (enriched, % element included) 60 70 85
EA CNS OR d34S only (% element included) 60 70 85
HTEA d18O and/ or d2H (water samples, normal) 70 80 95
GC-combustion d13C of amino acid 390 470 550
Gas Bench* d15N and/ or d18O of NO3 in water 220 250 300


* Price is for full service only. If users can prepare and run the samples on their own after training, we can offer a better price. Please ask the lab staff for details.


Service Price (HKD)
Faculty of Science, HKU Other members of HKU External/ Commercial Users
surcharge for sample weighing 10 10 12




Dr. David M. Baker (Director of SIRMS and Associate Professor, School of Biological Sciences)

Ms. Kit-sum Leung (Senior Technical Officer)