Division  of Ecology & Biodiversity

The Ecology & Biodiversity Research Area provides a focus for research and teaching on natural and impacted environments in Hong Kong and the Asian region, with emphasis on the ecology, conservation, and management of all levels of biodiversity.

The variety of living organisms, and the ecological systems in which they occur are essential for all life, including the global biological resources that support humans. The Southeast Asian region is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world yet it also amongst some of the most impacted, making research to understand, manage and conserve natural diversity and ecosystems imperative.

Anthropogenically driven environmental change, including global climate, is increasingly affecting the diversity of biological communities as well as the structure and functioning of ecosystems. One of many ways this occurs is through shifts in species’ distribution and abundance in response to climate change, but considerably more research is needed to understand links between global change and shifts in biogeographic distributions and population demographics.

Our research groups cover most natural realms, with strengths in conservation and ecology of insects, terrestrial and aquatic plants, wildlife and illegal trade, fresh water rivers, rocky intertidal and subtidal habitats, corals, and mangroves. In addition, we have large research programs in the ecology of manmade structures and how to make them more ecologically sustainable.