HKU scientists discover activation mechanisms in soybean for adaptation to saline soil in hope of improving agriculture productivity

By Eric Lee
Jan 13th 2022

Professor Mee-Len CHYE, Wilson and Amelia Wong Professor in Plant Biotechnology,
and Dr Terry Shiu-Cheung LUNG, Research Assistant Professor, from the School of Biological Sciences at the University of Hong Kong have unveiled the molecular mechanisms activating salt-induced adaptive changes in soybean, bringing hope in providing possible solutions for saline agriculture. The findings, published in the prestigious scientific journal The Plant Cell, offer new strategies to help plants combat soil salinity.

The journal paper entitled “Oxylipin signaling in salt-stressed soybean is modulated by liganddependent interaction of Class II acyl-CoA-binding proteins with lipoxygenase” was published by Shiu-Cheung Lung, Sze Han Lai, Haiyang Wang, Xiuying Zhang, Ailin Liu, Ze-Hua Guo, Hon-Ming Lam and Mee-Len Chye in The Plant Cell. The full text of this paper is open for free access from this link:

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