HKU scientist contributed newly launched Second World Ocean Assessment

By Eric Lee
Apr 23rd 2021

Dr Moriaki YASUHARA contributed to the deep-sea chapter in the first assessment five years ago, and now expands his contribution to wider aspects. Yasuhara’s expertise in marine sciences ranges from biology via paleontology and geology to oceanography, and he is one of the several specialists who have deep expertise in all these fields. He has also worked in world oceans such as Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Antarctic Oceans as well as marginal seas from shallow to deep sea floors. His broad expertise and experience led him to contribute four chapters of Estuaries and deltas; Continental slopes and submarine canyons; High-latitude ice; and Abyssal plains in the new Second World Ocean Assessment just launched.

The launch event was broadcasted online here

Link of the Second World Ocean Assessment: 

For more information about Dr Moriaki Yasuhara’s research, please visit here.