HKU Plant Scientists Identify New Strategy to Enhance Rice Grain Yield

By Eric Lee
Dec 02nd 2019

Findings from a research project led by Professor Mee-Len Chye, Wilson and Amelia Wong Professor in Plant Biotechnology from our School, with postdoctoral fellows Dr Guo Zehua and Dr Shiu-Cheung Lung, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Calgary and Rothamsted Research (UK), have provided a new strategy to enhance grain yield in rice by increasing grain size and weight.

The paper:
‘The overexpression of rice ACYL-CoA-BINDING PROTEIN2 increases grain size and bran oil content in transgenic rice’ by Zehua Guo, Richard P Haslam, Louise V Michaelson, Edward C Yeung, Shiu-Cheung Lung, Johnathan A Napier, Mee-Len Chye in The Plant Journal.