Dr. Jin Wu was awarded China’s Excellent Young Scientists Fund 2019

By Lily Ng
Oct 29th 2019

Seven young scientists have been awarded the prominent fund under the National Natural Science Foundation of China, an organisation directly affiliated to the State Council for the management of the National Natural Science Fund.

For the details, please visit HKU news.

Dr Wu Jin 
Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science
Project Title: Terrestrial Ecosystem Ecology and Multi-scale Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
Understanding the structure, composition and function of terrestrial ecosystems as well as how terrestrial ecosystem function interacts with global change is an essential research frontier in ecology. The study aims to integrate multi-scale observations, climate gradient studies, and ecological and evolutionary theories with process-based models, to achieve three goals: 1) developing a set of theory-grounded, process-based principles that enable the use of multi-scale remote sensing for accurate monitoring of plant traits; 2) advancing the process understanding of fundamental mechanisms that mediate plant traits variations from local to regional scales; 3) quantitatively assessing and examining the mechanisms of how plant traits and diversity help determine several key ecosystem processes (e.g. phenology, photosynthetic seasonality, ecosystem vulnerability and resilience to climate variability and extremes).

Dr. Wu Jin is on the bottom right in photo.