A Young Scientist Got Two Awards

By Eric Lee
Nov 25th 2022

Dr. Mukesh Kumar won two awards in a short period of time. He got the first prize laureate of the Global Challenges University Alliance 2030 (GCUA2030) Award 2022. The organizers gave the following comment on his project:

“This high-quality research focuses on the important topic of allergies and the development of novel anti-allergic drugs which can be further optimised as drug candidates against allergies. Dr. Kumar succeeds to effectively communicate the results in a clear way and explains very well how his research contributes to global sustainable development with a focus on SDG 3 – Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.”

GCUA 2030 is a network of university partners from across the globe, representing different disciplines and with a key objective to equip the next generation of researchers, teachers and academic leaders with knowledge, tools and networks that will strengthen their capacity to work across disciplines and conduct translational research.

His presentation can be found here

Another one is the second runner-up of Rohto Award 2022. It is under the Basic and Translational Research category and he presented his research on the development of novel anti-allergic drugs. Further details about the competition can be found here; https://arhk.rohto.com/news-detail.php?id=11

Currently, Dr. Mukesh Kumar is working as a postdoctoral researcher with Prof. Billy Chow. He graduated from Prof Billy K C Chow’s lab this year. Many congratulations to them!