A new book: Portraits of Trees of Hong Kong and Southern China

By Lily Ng
Jan 16th 2019

Hong Kong possesses an impressively diverse tree flora with 390 native species. This book celebrates the incredible diversity, beauty and biology of the territory’s tree species, highlighting over 100 important species that are individually illustrated in exquisitely detailed watercolour paintings by Sally Grace Bunker, an acclaimed botanical artist. The illustrations are accompanied by text that teases out a diversity of associated narratives for each species, ranging from the history of global exploration and scientific discoveries, the ecology and biology of each species, and the various ways in which they have been utilised and their cultural associations.


“This inspiring book will open the eyes of everyone who reads it both to the beauty of trees and to their profound importance… Sally Bunker’s watercolour paintings provide an exquisite example of botanical art. … The texts for the selected trees encompass the history of botanical and geographical exploration, the discovery and distribution of useful trees around the world, their classification, ecology and numerous cultural associations from the culinary to the medicinal. … Trees are revealed as active participants not passive components in the world around us and rightly celebrated for their beauty and individuality.”—Prof. Steve Blackmore, Queen’s Botanist and Chair of Botanic Gardens Conservation International

“A monumental achievement that follows in the tradition of the great floras of past centuries. Sally Bunker’s vibrant and accomplished illustrations perfectly complement the definitive text. This scholarly and beautiful work is a permanent addition to the canon of classical botanical works.”—Prof. Richard Fortey FRS, former Director of the Natural History Museum, London

“… a book which seems to me a perfect way to celebrate … the remarkable beauty, richness and diversity of our trees; a book that is both a pleasure to handle and read and enjoy, but also one which serves as a reference for those in the fields of education, the environment and natural history; a delight for bibliophiles, botanists and pedagogues.”—Markus Shaw, former Chairman of WWF Hong Kong


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