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2003 Postgraduates degrees from DEB

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2003 Postgraduate degrees from DEB (pdf)

Bucher Vivienne Valerie Claire.
Distribution of Lignin-Modifying Enzymes Among Aquatic Fungi and Their Ability to Degrade Lignocellulose Substrates.(PhD)

Chan Kam Sheung.
Variation in Cyanobacteria-Dominated Biofilms: Consequences for the Diet, Growth and Reproduction of an Intertidal Grazer, Siphonaria japonica, on Hong Kong Shores. (PhD)

Chau, Tak Han Gloria.
Fishes Feeding Fishes: the Composition, Size and Volume of Wild Fish Feed Used in Hong Kong’s Mariculture Industry. (MPhil)

Chin I Mei.
Variation in Monodonta labio Among Different Intertidal Habitats in Hong Kong. (PhD)

Lau Po Ying Carol.
Reproductive Biology of Bauhinia (Leguminosae: Caesalpinioideae) in Hong Kong.(PhD)

Leung Wai Yin Albert.
Temporal Trends in Fish Abundance and Species Composition on an Open Access Artificial Reef in Hong Kong. (PhD)

Liu Min.
Sexual Differentiation and Sex Change in the Chocolate Hind, Cephalopholis boenak (PISCES: SERRANIDAE: EPINEPHELINAE). (PhD)

Mantel Kaur Sukhmani.
The Ecology of a Predatory Shrimp, Macrobachium hainanense (Parisi, 1919) (Decapoda: Palaemonidae), in Hong Kong Streams. (PhD)

Smith Gavin J.D.
Distribution of Lignin-Modifying Enzymes Among Aquatic Fungi and their Ability to Degrade Lignocellulose Substrates. (PhD)

Tang Ming Chak.
The Ecology of Wild Fruit Presistence in Hong Kong. (MPhil)

Wang Yan Ling.
Isolation and Characterization of Environmental Vibrio species From Mai Po Nature Reserve, Hong Kong. (MPhil)

Yan Yan.
The Ecology of the High Shore Barnacle Chthamalus malayensis in Hong Kong. (PhD)




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