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Environmental, as well as consumer, awareness is growing in Hong Kong. Look out for the brand new book by David Dudgeon and Richard Corlett on "The Ecology and Biodiversity of Hong Kong" (full reference is on p. 27). Check the WWF-HK website for their consumer education campaign on the humphead wrasse (www.wwf.org.hk), and visit the related display at the atoll reef exhibit of Ocean Park. A voluntary set of standards for the capture and handling of live food is being developed by several NGOs and should be released shortly, and there are other local projects on consumer awareness around the corner. A new magazine on the marine aquarium trade, Aqua-Zone, carries a conservation as well as hobbyist message (info@aqua-zone.com.hk). Good news, indeed, for those of us who want to know more about Hong Kong’s biodiversity or who, though avid, would also like to be responsible, consumers.


Yvonne Sadovy




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