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The 2002 Woodland Breeding Bird Survey – result highlights

by Captain Wong

Since 1998, volunteer birdwatchers have visited Tai Po Kau (Red, Blue and Yellow/Brown Walks), Shing Mun and Kowloon Hill Catchment once a month from April to July to record breeding birds and their summer populations. Significant breeding records between May and July in this breeding season were (1) one food carrying Mountain Bulbul in Shing Mun and (2) an unidentified cuckoo juvenile in May and June in Tai Po Kau, probably either a Large Hawk Cuckoo or Hodgson’s Hawk Cuckoo.

The Mountain Bulbul would be a new breeding species for Hong Kong if this record is accepted by the Records Committee of the Hong Kong Bird Watching Society. A "food carrying adult" is considered as "confirmed breeding" by the European Ornithological Atlas Committee.

The followings are the result highlights:


Tai Po Kau
i. Unidentified newly fledged cuckoo juvenile. No foster parent was seen
ii. Grey-throated Minivet: 1 nest
iii. Crested Goshawk: display flights
iv. Hainan Blue Flycatcher: 5 calls and 1 female
v. Eagle Owl: 1 present

Shing Mun
i. Hainan Blue Flycatchers: 3 calls
ii. Hodgson’s Hawk Cuckoo: 3 calls


Tai Po Kau
i. Grey-cheeked Fulvetta: 1 food carrying
ii. Blue-winged Minla: 1 juvenile and 1 food carrying/holding adult
iii. Grey-throated Minivet: 1 food carrying
iv. Hainan Blue Flycatcher: 2 juveniles
v. Pekin Robin: food carrying adults
vi. Silver-eared Mesia: 1 food carrying and 1 holding prey
vii. Chestnut Bulbuls: 1 holding prey
viii. An identified cuckoo juvenile (size of Hodgsons’ Cuckoo; two white spots between the shoulder and the neck)

Shing Mun
i. Greater Necklaced Laughing Thrush: 1 juvenile begging food
ii. Grey-throated Minivet: 1 juvenile
iii. Hodgson’s Hawk Cuckoo: 1 call

Kowloon Hills
i. Hwamei: 2 juveniles
ii. Red-capped Babbler: 1 juvenile
iii. Blue-winged Minla: 2 juveniles
iv. Crested Goshawk: 1juvenile with an adult (flying)


Tai Po Kau
i. Yellow-cheeked Tit: 1 juvenile
ii. Grey-throated Minivet: 2 juveniles

Shing Mun
i. Red-capped Babbler: 1 juvenile begging food
ii. Pekin Robin: 1 juvenile begging food
iii. Mountain Bulbul: 1 food carrying adult (observation distance: 3 - 15m)
iv. Blue-winged Minla: 1 juvenile

Apart from these woodland specialists, Crested and Chinese Bulbuls, Great Tits, Japanese White-eyes, Common Tailorbirds and White-backed Munia were also found to breed in these woodlands.

Please contact me at if you want to join us in the next breeding season. Thanks.


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