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Porcupine! No. 26
October 2002
ISSN 1025-6946
Chief Editors: Richard Corlett
  Yvonne Sadovy
Assistant Editors: Laura Wong
  Rachel Wong
Wild Corner: Sukhmani Mantel
  Jacqui Weir

Published by the Department of Ecology & Biodiversity, The University of Hong Kong.

Article submissions:


Ms Eva Tam, Department of Ecology & Biodiversity, The University of Hong Kong.

Tel: 22990612
Fax: 25176082

Email address:


Guidelines for contributors:

Contributions are welcomed. Any original article related to natural history, conservation or ecological research in Hong Kong will be considered for publication. Authors of long articles should send their work as a Word file, either by post (on disk, with hard copy attached) or by email. Original artwork should be sent by post (please indicate if return of material is required). Short articles (less than a hundred words) may be faxed or posted.

Articles from Porcupine! may be reprinted without permission. Please acknowledge source and author.

All authors can be contacted through Porcupine! unless alternate contact details have been provided.




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