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In August 2000, Richard Corlett and I first took over the reins from Porcupine’s then-Chief Editor Graham Reels and his colleagues at KARC and DEB. DEB had recently moved into the new Kadoorie Biological Sciences Building and we were busy adjusting and adapting to our new living space. The legacy we took on with Porcupine! was one that sought to disseminate information on wildlife observations, provide (provoke at times) a forum for discussion, and communicate environmental and ecological research and issues. Going back over the 12 issues since we started, I am pleased to say that we have stayed fairly well on track.

What has changed since 2000 is the relative number of environmentally related articles, many of them reflecting concern for various environmental issues, increasingly articulated by students. We have also become web-based and this has meant that web searches have access to our articles, greatly extending our reach, and that we can make better use of the lovely colour photos that we formerly had to reproduced in black and white. We now have a new and vibrant Environmental Life Science Society, which formation clearly addressed a real need by ELS students, and, there is new editorship for Porcupine!

Dr. Billy Hau and Dr. Kenny Leung have graciously accepted the Porcupine! challenge. They will be expertly assisted by Ms. Rachel Wong and Ms. Laura Wong, who, over the years, have assembled, massaged and webbed-up Porcupine!, learning with us as we moved from hard to soft formats and completely into the electronic age. Rachel and Laura have been, and will continue to be, invaluable members of the Porcupine! team, and we are most grateful to them both for all their hard and patient work over the years. Thank you! Finally, a big ‘thank you’ to all who have contributed articles, letters, insights, comments and materials over the years. Please continue to support Porcupine!

Over and out, Yvonne and Richard



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