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2004 Postgraduates degrees from DEB

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2004 Postgraduate degrees from DEB (pdf)

Durairaian Siva Sundara Kumar (PhD)
Biological Screening and Isolation of Immunomodulatory Compounds from Endorphytic Fungi from Tripterygium wilfordii.

Lai Mei Yee (PhD)
Fractionation, Mobilization and Bioaccumulation of Heavy Metals and Mineralogical Characteristics of the Mai Po Inner Bay Mudflat.

Lau Sui Yee (PhD)
The Ecology of Planaxis sulcatus (Born, 1780) (Gastropoda: Prosobranchia) in Hong Kong.

Lee Cheuk Hung (MPhil)
Microbial contamination of Enternal Feeds.

Poon Yiu Nam David (MPhil)
The Population Dynamics and Feeding Ecology of the Mangrove Crabs, Metopograpsus frontalis (Grapsidae) and Perisesarma bidens (Sesarmidae), in Hong Kong.

Sin Kai Wai (MPhil)
Molecular Biology, Physiology and Metal-Resistance of Ligninolytic Enzyme System in a Newly Isloated Basidiomycete From a Hong Kong Forest.

Wai Tak Cheung (PhD)
Herbivore-Induced Effects And Persistence of Non-Geniculate Coralline Algae in Low-Shore Rock Pools.

Wang Rui Jiang (PhD)
Systematics and Phylogeny of Cyathocalyx (Annonaceae).

Wang Ying Ying (MPhil)
Bacterial Degradation of ortho-Dimethyl Phthalate Ester and Adaptation of Escherichia coli K12 To Carbon-Limited Growth.

Weir Jacqueline E S (MPhil)
Patterns of Seed Dispersal by Flying Frugivores in Hong Kong.

Yam Sau Wai Rita (PhD)
Life History, Population Genetics and Feeding Ecology of Caridina cantonensis and C. serrata (Decapoda:Atyidae) in Hong Kong.





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