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BBR-----More than a race!
BBR-----A special experience in HK
A meaning way for for Enviromental Life Science Students to spend the summer holiday

BBR ----- A special experience in HK

by Wang Jing (Jackie)
Environmental Life Science Year II student

I come from north China, a rather different place from Hong Kong. In Hong Kong, I can see eagles circling around in the blue sky. I can smell the fragrance of flowers when walking in the campus. I can see wild monkeys walking with people leisurely. All of these make me feel the harmony between human and nature. I want to learn more about the natural environment in Hong Kong during my limited study time here.

Fig.1. A close up of Pied Avocets (photo by Billy Hau)

Fortunately, the Big Bird Race (BBR) gave me the chance. During our training trips, we visited many nature reserves and country parks, where I had not been before. If I had not joined this activity, I might have had no other opportunities to visit these places. During our trips, I saw many beautiful birds that I used to think I could only see in a zoo or in pictures. But they are real, alive, freely flying in the sky or happily singing in the trees. Through this experience in the BBR I have learnt how to identify birds from their morphology, habitat, or even their songs. Many thanks to our skilled coach, who has taught us a lot about field identification of birds. The Big Bird Race appears more as a gathering than a race. It is a gathering for people who love birds, nature and life. Through this activity, I have come to appreciate the beauty of nature even more. It is really a special experience for me in Hong Kong.

Fig.2. Quite a lot of Pied Avocets were busy feeding on the Deep Bay mudflat on the BBR day. (photo by Billy Hau)




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