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A new cicada record for Hong Kong Meimuna silhetana (Cicadidae)

by Y.F. Lo and Fiona, N.Y. Lock

A cicada picture was taken by an AFCD Country Park Warden on Tung Ping Chau in fall 2001. The species was later found to not be one of the familiar cicada species in Hong Kong and a specimen was collected and sent to the Natural History Museum, London, for identification. The specimen was examined by the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands and the Natural History Museum, London, and proven to be Meimuna silhetana, a new record for Hong Kong.

In September 2002, Country Park staff went to the island again for an ecological survey. A few calling male Meimuna silhetana were first fou2nd on Celtis sinensis close to Cham Keng Chau and the call is distinct. According to the intensity and presence of the call, Meimuna silhetana shows a scattered distribution on the island, mainly on Celtis sinensis. Three male specimens were collected during that field trip.

Information on Meimuna silhetana is scarce. It was not even included in the book, The Cicadidae of China (Chou & Lei, 1997). According to the List of Chinese Insects (Hua, 2000), Meimuna silhetana occurs in India and China (Fujian, Guangdong, Sichuan and Yunnan). Chen (1992) reported a record in Yunnan, China (Lijiang, 2400m, 1974. VII. 23).

Including Meimuna silhetana, 20 species of cicada have been recorded in Hong Kong.


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