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The latest Memoir of the Hong Kong Natural History Society is now available. It contains articles on ladybirds, birds on cultivated land, caterpillars in the forest canopy, the effects of cold weather on mangroves, the food habits of the wild boar, and the first account of a group of common beetles in Hong Kong, the staphylinids. The Memoir is priced at HK$50 plus postage and packaging, and can be ordered from Professor I.J. Hodgkiss in the Department of Ecology & Biodiversity. Memoir 25 is now in the final stages of preparation but manuscripts, notes, etc. for the next issue can be sent to Professor Hodgkiss.

Please continue to report mongoose records to Porcupine! Javan Mongooses are smaller than Crab-eating Mongooses, and lack the long white patch on each side of the neck (p. 19).

Any reports from Porcupine! readers of natural recruitments of M. quinquenervia, C. equisetifolia and A. auriculiformis in Hong Kong are welcome (p. 19).

The Hongkong Conservation Photography Foundation is publishing its inaugural nature calendar for 2002. Based on fine nature calendars from Australia, the HKCPF production tells the story of annual changes in the natural world with photos and short texts. Landscape and nature photos present a vivid impression of the beauty and natural diversity of Hong Kong, with linking texts that reveal the underlying seasonal changes. Ecologists from Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden advised on the texts. Photos by Edward Stokes and other photographers. Beautifully produced to an art photographic level. The calendar will only be on sale in some bookshops, including: Wanchai and Central branches of Kelly & Walsh, Dymocks, Joint Publishing, and Chung Wa. Price $75. The Foundation is selling calendars discounted to $60, but because of handling costs this is only for "box orders" of 40 calendars. Ring Ed Stokes, 2555 1327 or 2555 1919.






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