Trachemys scripta elegans (Wied, 1838)
Red-eared Slider 巴西龜

Trachemys scripta
Order Testudines 龜鱉目
Family Geoemydidae 地龜科
Species Trachemys scripta elegans
Other name Red-eared Turtle, Slider, Cooter
Chinese name 紅耳龜, 西彩龜, 密西西比紅耳龜
Carapace length Around 12-20cm; Record up to 29cm;
Origin Introduced

Carapace olive-green with yellow streak.
Plastron yellow with irregular yellow marks and black blotches.
Leg olive-green with yellow stripes extending to the claws.
Distinctive red or orange-yellow patch behind each eyes, but may be faded or absent in older turtles.


Inhabits quiet water of ponds, swamps and reservoirs. Usually seen basking on the bank.
Occasionally found in slow-flowing stream.
Since its establishment in about 1980, the native Reeves' Terrapin (Mauremys reevesii) greatly declined.
Now the most common turtle in Hong Kong.

Behaviour -
Diet Omnivourous. Feeds on aquatic vegetation, frog, small fish; occasionally carrion.
Reproduction Hatchlings 3 cm in carapace length.

Natural range in North America.
Introduced into Hong Kong or other part of the world indirectly through pet trade as people release turtles into the wild.
Well established in several reservoirs such as Tai Tam, Wong Nai Chung, Aberdeen, Shing Mun, Pokfulam and the Kowloon Reservoirs group.
Also occurs in ponds of urban parks.

Conservation Status

IUCN Redlist: NT (Near Threatened)

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