Mauremys reevesii (Gray, 1831)
Reeves' Terrapin 烏龜

Mauremys reevesii
Order Testudines 龜鱉目
Family Geoemydidae 地龜科
Chinemys 烏龜屬
Species Mauremys reevesii
Other name Chinese Three-keeled Pond Turtle
Chinese name 金龜, 草龜, 泥龜
Carapace length Average 12.5cm.
Origin Native
Description Dark brown terrapin. Carapace with three distinct longitudinal keels.
Plastron yellowish brown, not hinged. with black blotch on each scute.
Head dark grey or black. Yellow stripes on the neck, breaking up into blotches on the side of the head.
A completely black melanistic form has no yellow stripes or other patterns.
Webbed digits.

Inhabits reservoirs, ponds, rivers and slow-flowing streams.
Absent in mountain streams.
Aquatic species, but frequently wanders on land.
Used to be the most common species in Hong Kong; but has been largely replaced by introduced Red-eared Slider (Trachemys scripta).

Behaviour Both nocturnal and diurnal.
Diet Fish, frog, snail and invertebrate. accepts carrion; also feed on plant, especially pond weed Hydrilla.

Pairing takes place in spring (late-April), usually at night; Egg-laying in summer.
Egg-laying 3-4 times in a summer, lay 4-7 eggs each time.
Egg buried in shaded soft earth, hatch in 50-80 days in natural condition.
Sex determined by temperature. Male at 25°C. Female above 28°C.
Hatchling about 2 cm in carapace length.


Found in most reservoirs in Hong Kong.
Occurs extensively throughout China; also in Korea and Japan.

Conservation Status Threatened by invasive species.
IUCN Redlist: EN (Endangered)
China Redlist: Conservation Dependent
Mauremys reevesii Mauremys reevesii Mauremys reevesii Mauremys reevesii
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