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Our post-doc

Dr. LEUNG Kin Sum, Sam

BSc., MPhil., PhD (HKU)
Postdoc fellow (since September 2018)

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Our current post-graduates

Miss POON Wing-lam Vivian

BSc (Hons) (HKU, 2011-2014)
PhD student since September 2014

Reserach Project:
Selected metallic nanoparticles and modulations of human macrophage’s transcriptome and lipidome

Miss SO Sik-yu Stephanie

BSc (Hons) (HKU, 2012-2015)
PhD student since September 2015

Reserach Project:
Effect of particulate and soluble yeast beta-glucan on western diet induced metabolic alterations and NAFLD development

Ms Zuzanna KUNDI

BSc (Nutrition) Kingston University, London
MSc (Clinical and Public Health Nutrition) University College London
PhD student since April 2015

Reserach Project:
Probiotic an approach for prevention of fatty liver disease in young mice

Miss LO Kwun-kwan Emily

BSc (Hons) (HKU, 2011-2014)
PhD student since September 2016

Reserach Project:
Growth promoting effect of Zearalenone and its derivative on colon cancer: understanding the underlying mechanism

Mr Chen Jiarui

BSc (Biotechnology) Sun Yat-sen University, China
MPhil candidate since September 2016

Reserach Project:
Metagenomic analysis of patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Diseases(NAFLD)

Miss WANG Shuyuan, Sharon

BSc (Hons) (HKU, 2013-2017)
PhD student since September 2017

Reserach Project:
Effects of engineered nanomaterials on gut homeostasis: a combined transcriptomics and microbiomics study.

Miss Co Vanessa Anna

BSc (Hons) (HKU, 2013-2017)
MPhil student since 2017

Reserach Project:
Polyphenol and colon cancer