Division of Ecology & Biodiversity

The Division of Ecology & Biodiversity (DEB) oversees a range of projects on fundamental research in ecology and evolution as well as applied work on environmental change.

(1) Marine Science, (2) Evolutionary & Environmental Biology, and (3) Global Change & Conservation, including climate change and other anthropogenic change.

For example, DEB labs have explored 1.) the impacts of climate change on terrestrial plants and insects driven by global warming, 2.)  how warming and ocean acidification may affect marine ecosystems and production systems, and 3.) the paleoecology of biodiversity associated with historical climate change. Our research integrates the marine, freshwater and terrestrial realms, using a diversity of approaches from molecular and genomics techniques to large-scale field-based experiments and global modeling. The range of taxa studied is diverse, from microbes to marine invertebrates, terrestrial and freshwater insects, as well as globally-threatened species of fishes, amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

DEB News

Research Groups

Insect Biodiversity & Biogeography Lab
Yasuhara Lab Integrative Biology & Evolutionary Ecology Research
Tropical IntertiDal Ecology group (TIDE) Biodiversity and Environmental Change Lab Freshwater Ecology and Conservation Lab
Global Change and Tropical Conservation Lab Molecular Ecology & Evolution The Sin Lab
Aquatic Ecology & Toxicology Lab Global Ecology and Remote Sensing Lab Billy Hau Lab
Applied Behavioural Ecology and Conservation Tropical Urban Evolutionary Ecology Lab Integrated Mangrove Ecology Lab (iMEco Lab)
Marine Futures Laboratory The Coral Biogeochemistry Lab



Conservation Forensics

Napoleon fish


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