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Training Workshop for Research, Publication & Grant 2019

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:01 am
by George
2019_Workshop_for_Res_Pub_&_Grant_Application ... axDnsW3iDJ

Professor Kenneth Leung_Essential Soft Skills for Advancing your Career ... NCLcyyj5UK

Professor Kenneth Leung_Successful Experience in Writing CRF (Research) ... hkZUIkK9TN

Futher Analysis ... lqfPC3x1ZT

Professor Rudolf Wu_AoE HKU ... hLjkrl133V

Professor Rudolf Wu_Reserach principles and key proceesses ... Gz5Gfoxpp6

Professor Wei Ge - The Rise of China in Science and Its Opportunities for Hong Kong and Macau ... E8irAaOG3H

Professor N P Shah_How to Publish ... aaSeJrYrcW

Dr Rajan Grant Tips Talk ... u-JnuFDShM

Dr Karen Yuen_GrantWorkshop ... PKXvYmgG6o