Registration Procedures


Welcome to the registration page of our web booking system for use of Central Facilities supported by the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Hong Kong.


Users of any instrument must first be assessed by the respective Technician-in-charge, to ensure he/she is technically competent as a “qualified user” before he/she will be allowed to operate the equipment.  Qualified user will be provided with an account for booking of the designated instrument via our web booking system.


For registration as a qualified user, please click here to fill in personal particulars and download the Application form (updated on 9 November, 2023) with applicant's supervisor endorsement. The completed application form should be returned to TIC or system administrator at [The data collected will not be used for other purposes in accordance with Hong Kong’s Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.]


Booking of instrument can be made via this link  Upon successful registration, the qualified user is agreed to abide the Rules and Regulations as determined by the School of Biological Sciences from time to time.


  For more information, please contact the system administrator at
  Last update: 9 November, 2023.