Sacalia bealei (Gray, 1831)
Beale's Terrapin 眼斑水龜

Sacalia bealei
Order Testudines 龜鱉目
Family Geoemydidae 地龜科
Sacalia 眼斑水龜屬
Species Sacalia bealei
Other name Eye-spotted Turtle, Beal's-eyed Turtle
Chinese name 六眼龜, 眼斑龜
Carapace length About 18cm
Origin Native.

Brown carapace with black spots, especially at the anterior end behind the neck.
Plastron tan-coloured with pink edge or yellow with black blotches.
Three pink or yellow stripes on the neck.
Distinctive "eye spot" (ocelli) at the junction of head with neck.
"Eye spot" get darker in older turtle.


Mountain stream from low to high elevations.
Prefer slow and clear water.

Behaviour Nocturnal. Timid and nervous, and will scramble and flail wildly with its claws when picked up.
Diet Crayfish and worm.
Reproduction Breeding habit not known. Reported to lay 6 eggs at a time.

Rare species in Hong Kong, known record from 6 specimens.
First discovered in Tai Mo Shan 1977; Later in near Fanling and streams in Kowloon Reservoir.
Native in China, Hong Kong.

Conservation Status

IUCN Redlist: EN (Endangered)
China Redlist: Endangered

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