Cuora trifasciata (Bell, 1825)
Three-banded Box Terrapin 三線閉殼龜

Cuora trifasciata
Order Testudines 龜鱉目
Family Geoemydidae 地龜科
Cuora 閉殼龜屬
Species Cuora trifasciata
Other name Three-stripped Box Turtle
Chinese name 三線閉殼龜, 金錢龜, 金頭龜, 紅肚龜
Carapace length Average 15cm in Hong Kong, can grow to 25cm
Origin Native
Description Brown or reddish brown carapace with three distinct black keels.
Plastron black with yellow border. Hinged plastron to allow complete closure of shell.
Head bright yellow above, with a black stripe from nostrils to neck.
An orange oval patch right behind the eyes.
Limbs pink and brown. Webbed digits.
Most local specimens are juvenile, few reaches maturity.

Found in mountain streams in broadleaf woodland or secondary forest.
Can leave stream and hide under shaded damp forest leaf litter.

Behaviour Hides in cave during daytime. Usually nocturnal. Shy species. Retreats head and limbs into shell and close up completely when disturbed.
Hibernates from November to March.
Diet Mostly fish, frog, carrion. Remains of crab, snail, insect have been found in faeces.
Reproduction Breeding habitat and life history not well known. Reported to lay 2 white eggs at a time; can breed few times a year.

Very rare; widely distributed in few localities in Hong Kong.
Occurs in southern China, Myanmar, Laos.
Some population in southern Guangxi Province of China and all Vietnam population are now considered as a new species Vietnamese three-striped box turtle (Cuora cyclornata) (Blanck, Mccord & Le 2006)

Reference: Blanck, T., W.P. Mccord & M. Le (2006) On the Variability of Cuora trifasciata. Edition Chimaira.

Conservation Status Threatened by unsustainable hunting and habitat degradation.
IUCN Redlist: CR (Critically Endangered)
China Redlist: Critically Endangered
Cuora trifasciata Cuora trifasciata Cuora trifasciata Cuora trifasciata
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