Sinomicrurus macclellandi (Reinhardt, 1844)
Coral Snake 麗紋蛇
(Highly venomous)

Sinomicrurus macclellandi
Squamata 有鱗目
Serpentes 蛇亞目
Family Elapidae 眼鏡蛇科
Genus Sinomicrurus
Species Sinomicrurus macclellandi
Other name MacClelland's Coral Snake,
Chinese name 珊瑚蛇, 環紋赤蛇
Total length Average 40 - 60 cm, may grow up to 80 cm

Back reddish-brown. Widely-spaced thin black cross bars irregularly distributed on back.
Ventrals pale yellow with irregular black, rectangular markings, sometimes alternating with black spots.
Head small and black with a posterior wide, white band and a small white crossline on the rounded snout.
Tail short. Scales smooth.
Extremely venomous, with a potent neurotoxic venom. Has caused a few human fatalities in Thailand.


Hillside species that inhabits forest and sometimes in grassland.
Sometimes seen crossing roads or found in catchwaters during the night.
Often hides in loose soil and leaf litter in forest floor during the day.


Nocturnal. Rather tame, inoffensive and secretive snake.
Usually inactive in captivity but becomes extremely alert in the presence of White-spotted Slug Snake (Pareas margaritophorus).


Ophiophagous, preying on small snakes; sometimes feeds on lizards.

Reproduction Oviparous. Lays up to 14 eggs;

Localized distribution in central New Territories, Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island.
Occurs in central and southern China including Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Ryukyus and North India.

Conservation Status IUCN Redlist: NE (Not Evaluated)
Sinomicrurus macclellandi Sinomicrurus macclellandi Sinomicrurus macclellandi Sinomicrurus macclellandi
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