Lycodon aulicus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Common Wolf Snake 白環蛇

Lycodon aulicus
Squamata 有鱗目
Serpentes 蛇亞目
Family Colubridae 游蛇科
Genus Lycodon 白環蛇屬
Species Lycodon aulicus
Other name -
Chinese name -
Total length Up to 75 cm
Description Back greyish-brown, with a dense reticulation of white or yellowish-white throughout the body.
Ventrals iridescent, pearly white. Body slender. Head flat and spatulate, chocolate-brown above.
White patch on each side of neck, forming an incomplete collar. A white streak along upper labials.
Tail rather short, slender and pointed. Scales smooth.

Dry hilly areas, grassland or shrubland; Occasionally on edges of cultivated fields and catehwaters.
Sometimes enters houses in search of geckoes.

Behaviour Strictly nocturnal.
Sometimes found under objects during day time.
Normally slow-moving, but can be swift when aroused.
Will strike and bite if threatened.
A good climber, can climb high walls.
Diet In captivity feeds well on lizards, particularly geckoes and skinks.
Kills by constriction and swallows prey head first.
Reproduction Oviparous. Lays 3-11 eggs, each measuring 2-3 cm long by 1 cm wide. Hatchling about 15 cm long.
Distribution Not common, but widely distributed at low elevations throughout Hong Kong including several small islands (Cheung Chau, Po Toi, Shek Kwu Chau and Stonecutters).
Ranges widely across southern China, South and Southeast Asia to Indonesia.
Conservation Status IUCN Redlist: NE (Not Evaluated)
Lycodon aulicus Lycodon aulicus Lycodon aulicus Lycodon aulicus Lycodon aulicus
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