Amphiesma stolatum (Linnaeus, 1758)
Buff-striped Keelback 草游蛇

Amphiesma stolatum
Squamata 有鱗目
Serpentes 蛇亞目
Family Colubridae 游蛇科
Genus Achalinus 脊蛇屬
Species Amphiesma stolatum
Other name Flower-waved Snake, Striped Keelback
Chinese name 草腹鏈蛇, 黃頭蛇, 花浪蛇
Total length Average 65 cm, can grow to 90 cm.
Description Back light brown or olive-brown with two cream-coloured stripes;
with irregular-shaped brownish crossbar.
Interstitial skin between scales bluish.
Ventral cream-coloured. Head and neck rusty yellow.
Labials marked with several black streaks, radiating from each eye.
Dorsal scales moderately keeled.

A lowland species.
Especially around stream and water channels in cultivated field.
Also recorded in altitude of 290m (Mt. Butler) and 400m (Lantau Island).

Behaviour Diurnal.
Usually found in grass near water while prowling and basking in the sun.
Docile, does not bite when caught.
Diet Feed particularly on Paddy Frog (Fejervarya limnocharis).
Also take Microhyla spp. and sometimes toad.
Eat fish ocassionally.
Reproduction Oviparous; lays 5-10 eggs in June-July.
Hatchling 15-17 cm, can be seen in August-September.
Distribution In Hong Kong, widely distributed but uncommon in New Territories and Lantau Island.
Rare in Hong Kong Island and Peng Chau.
Most its optimum habitats (rice field) has been destroyed or abandoned.
Not as adaptable to change as the Checkered Keelback (Xenochrophis piscator), which is more abundant in similar habitat.
Occurs over South and Southern Asia.
Conservation Status IUCN Redlist: NE (Not Evaluated)
Amphiesma stolatum
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