I would not say I am a wildlife photographer. In fact, I am far from being a photographer. However, I enjoy very much taking pictures of plants, animals and natural landscapes. As a teacher, I increasingly find that beautiful images could catch students' attention and increase their appreciation of biodiversity. To promote biodiversity appreciation and conservation, I often organize training courses or outings for them to learn bird watching, plant identification etc. Many of them are now very keen bird and/or butterfly watchers. Some of them have also started nature photography. Money surely is a limitation to many of the students but their enthusiasms could sometimes override their not very professional photographic gears and produce very good wildlife pictures. However, if anyone has any functional DSLR cameras to be disposed of, think about donating it to the Division of Ecology & Biodiversity, my students will then have more gears to go round shooting wildlife and plant pictures in Hong Kong .

Dr. Billy Hau Chi Hang
Assistant Professor, HKU

  One of few atypical Hong Kong guys who enjoys venturing into the sea and trekking through forest in search of wildlife (not plant, sorry), more than jostling through crowds in shopping malls. A “too normal”  nature-lover that has nothing to impresses others except for the enthusiasm to animals, endurance to bruises and scratches during  “wildlife-hunt”  and patience for elusive creatures; and more importantly, a passion to our nature, and to treat it as our treasure....currently undertaking research on local fishes at the Division of Ecology & Biodiversity, HKU.

  ~~ I hope this visual library (that you are browsing on the web) will not be our only way to look for “wildlife" in the future ~~

Dr. Allen To Wai Lun (HKU)


  A HKU Environmental Life Science student (2004-2007) and the producer of this site. He has never thought that he would study ecology but enjoys it more than expected eventually. Though he is a bird-lover, he also loves watching other wildlife like frogs, butterflies and dragonflies. With passion and enthusiasm, he became a founding executive committee member of the Environmental Life Science Society, HKUSU from 2004 to 2005 to spread the message of loving and conserving our nature. Graduating soon in HKU, he would like to leave something valuable to the up coming students studying ecology and biodiversity.

  "I am really happy to see this web page finally up and running. I am just a beginner in photography. I enjoy taking pictures which is a good way to appreciate nature. Bird pictures are good for junior students in learning bird watching. I hope this database could help bird watching beginners. I also encourage you to share your photos with us to enrich this database.”  

Mr. Tony Hung Tun Hei
BSc (ENS) 2004-2007
MPhil. candidate, HKU