Introduction :

The primary aim of developing this photographic database is to assist bird watching beginners in identifying the birds of Hong Kong. However, this database could at best serve as a supplement to the field guide "Birds of Hong Kong and South China". This database is so far incomplete and only around 50% of the c.450 species of birds of Hong Kong are available. Should you be interested in donating images to this database, please visit the "Missig images" page.


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Dr. Billy Hau Chi Hang, Division of Ecology and Biodiversity, HKU.

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Mr. Tony Hung Tun Hei, Environmental Life Science 2004-2007

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Mr. Yu Yat Tung

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Dr. Billy Hau Chi Hang, Mr. Allen To Wai Lun, Mr. Yu Yat Tung, Mr. Tony Hung Tun Hei, Mr. Samson So Ngai Hung, Mr. Hey Sung, Mr. Cheng Nok Ming, Ms Jessica Young, Mr. Pan Lau, Mr. Isaac Chan

Special thanks to Miss Vivian Fu Wing Kan for drawing the Black-napped Monarch.