Sylvirana guentheri (Boulenger, 1882)
Günther's Frog 沼蛙



Order Anura
Family Ranidae
Scientific name Sylvirana guentheri
Chinese name 沼蛙
Common name Günther's Frog



Size 7 - 10 cm
  • A large frog
  • Back pale brown with prominent dorsolateral folds on each side of body
  • Skin smooth, with few or no tubercles
  • Lateral sides of body dark brown
  • Eardrum conspicuous with white margin
  • It can secret a rather toxic fluid which can kill smaller frogs in confined space

Habitat and Ecology

Habitat Wide range of habitat, including lowland streams, ponds, grasslands, cultivated fields and catchwaters.
Activity DiurnalNocturnal
Diet Small frogs and insects.


Breeding period April until end of summer.
Mating call
Larvae Greyish green with tiny dots spread over body. Up to 40 mm. Tail with cloudy spots.
Egg Small, about 1.5 mm. Clustered as patches floating on water surface.


Distribution and Conservation


Widespread throughout Hong Kong. It is also widely distributed in central and southern China, and Vietnam.

Conservation status (IUCN)

Least Concern



adult 3 adult 2
adult 5 adult 4
tadpole 1 tadpole 2