Quasipaa spinosa (David, 1875)
Giant Spiny Frog 棘胸蛙



Order Anura
Family Dicroglossidae
Scientific name Quasipaa spinosa
Chinese name 棘胸蛙
Common name Giant Spiny Frog



Size 10 - 14 cm
  • The largest frog in Hong Kong
  • Back dark brown, interspersed with dense, yellowish mottling; with sparse wrinkles
  • Dark band present between eyes
  • Skin rough with tubercules and granules
  • Male with short horny spines on chest and fingers; with strong and muscular limbs
  • Toes entirely webbed
  • This species is collected for food throughout its range; attempts of farming of this species occur in China.


Habitat and Ecology


Restricted to higher altitudes of mountain streams which is shaded by forests.

Activity Nocturnal
Behaviour Often found resting on rocks in streams. Males are territorial.
Diet Freshwater crabs and other insects.



Breeding period During rainy season.
Mating call
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Larvae Dark grey. Very large in size, about 60 mm.
Egg Several eggs joined together to form a chain under water among rocks.


Distribution and Conservation


Widely distributed in Hong Kong. It is also recorded in southern China.

Conservation status (IUCN)



adult 1 adult 2
adult 3 tadpole 1
tadpole 2