Quasipaa exilispinosa (Liu & Hu, 1975)
Lesser Spiny Frog 小棘蛙



Order Anura
Family Dicroglossidae
Scientific name Quasipaa exilispinosa
Chinese name 小棘蛙
Common name Lesser Spiny Frog



Size 8 - 10 cm
  • A medium-sized frog
  • Back grayish-brown or reddish brown with dark indistinct mottling and numerous wrinkles
  • Skin rough with tubercules and granules
  • A distinctive fold extends from the eye to shoulder
  • Eyes with cross-shaped marking in iris
  • Toes entirely webbed
  • Male with short horny spines on chest and fingers during breeding season


Habitat and Ecology


Mountain streams in a wide range of altitudes.

Activity Nocturnal
Behaviour Males are territorial during breeding season.
Diet Small frogs, ants, freshwater crabs and other insects.



Breeding period During rainy season.
Mating call
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Larvae Brown. About 40 mm in length. Dark spots and black bands at the base of the tail. Distinctive triangular marking near the tail. Tadpoles may over winter.
Egg Grey and creamy white wrapped in transparent capsule. Large, about 3 mm. Usually found in a group of five to ten.


Distribution and Conservation


Widely distributed in Hong Kong. It is also recorded in southern China.

Conservation status (IUCN)



adult 1 adult 2
adult 3 adult 4
tadpole eggs