Polypedates megacephalus Hallowell, 1860
Brown Tree Frog 斑腿泛樹蛙



Order Anura
Family Rhacophoridae
Scientific name Polypedates megacephalus
Chinese name 斑腿泛樹蛙
Common name Brown Tree Frog



Size Male 5 - 6 cm; female up to 8 cm
  • A medium-sized frog with smooth skin and very tiny granules
  • Back grey, yellow or reddish brown
  • Belly white
  • Body colour can change slightly according to colour of the surroundings
  • Head triangular
  • Eyes large
  • Adhesive discs well-developed on all digits
  • Presence of conspicuous fold from eyes to forelegs
  • A 'X'-shaped marking can be seen occasionally on its back


Habitat and Ecology


Forest, streams, cultivated fields, grassland and ponds

Activity Nocturnal
Behaviour Able to secrete a fluid when it encounters a predator. The fluid may be toxic or simple unpalatable to potential predators.
Diet Ants and other insects.



Breeding period April to September
Mating call
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Larvae Tadpoles with a white spot on the snout.
Egg Laid in white foam nest on tree trunks, bushes or rocks near pools. The nests separate tadpoles from water.


Distribution and Conservation


Widespread throughout Hong Kong and all other major islands. It is widely distributed from central China to northeastern India .

Conservation status (IUCN)



adult 5 Tadpoles
adult 2 adult 1