Occidozyga lima (Gravenhorst, 1829)
Rough-skinned Floating Frog 尖舌浮蛙



Order Anura
Family Dicroglossidae
Scientific name Occidozyga lima
Chinese name 尖舌浮蛙
Common name Rough-skinned Floating Frog



Size 2 - 3 cm
  • A small-sized frog
  • Back green or olive-green with pale or bright green mid-dorsal stripe
  • Granules appear on the back
  • Toes fully webbed

Habitat and Ecology


Cultivated fields and ponds. This species is able to tolerate high temperatures and a considerable amount of organic pollution.

Activity DiurnalNocturnal
Behaviour When disturbed or threatened, it quickly dives under the water and conceals itself in mud or among aquatic plants.
Diet Insects


Breeding period During warm rainy season.
Larvae About 20 mm. Mouth small and round. Tail with dorsal crest.
Egg Dark brown. Small, about 1 mm in diameter.


Distribution and Conservation


This species was common in Tung Chung, Lantau Island before the construction of Chek Lap Kok International Airport. Due to habitat loss, the species is locally extinct.

Widely distributed from eastern India through central and southern China to Java.

Conservation status (IUCN)

Least Concern



adult 2 adult 1