Microhyla fissipes (Boulenger, 1884)
Ornate Pigmy Frog 飾紋姬蛙





Family Microhylidae
Scientific name Microhyla fissipes
Chinese name 飾紋姬蛙
Common name Ornate Pigmy Frog

(Note: This species has undergone genetic boundary divisions and definition changes. Most online data still reports Microhyla ornata for Hong Kong. This species is listed as restricted to the Indian Subcontinent and M. fissipes is the Southeast Asian and Chinese species.)


Size 2.5 - 3 cm
  • A tiny frog with triangular body and pointed snout
  • Back brown; with a long and irregular dark brown marking
  • Body surface with a few tubercles
  • A dark brown stripe runs from eye to groin
  • A thin mid-dorsal line sometimes present on the back
  • Scattered brown bands on hinglegs

Habitat and Ecology


Forests, cultivated fields and ponds

Activity Nocturnal
Diet Ants and other insects.


Breeding period

During rainy season

Mating call
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Pale grey to almost transparent. Unlike Microhyla butleri, the tail is tapering to a fine tip without red dots.

(Morphological characteristics resembles those of Microhyla butleri, but without red dots on its tail.)

Egg Tiny; float as a patch on water surface.


Distribution and Conservation


Widely distributed in Hong Kong. Occur in many locations such as Tai Po Kau, Long Valley, Hong Kong Wetland Park, Pui O, etc.

Range from Japan, central and southern China to Southeast Asia .

Conservation status (IUCN)