Kaloula pulchra pulchra Gray, 1831
Asiatic Painted Frog 花狹口蛙




Order Anura
Family Microhylidae
Scientific name Kaloula pulchra pulchra
Chinese name 花狹口蛙
Common name Asiatic Painted Frog



Size 5 - 7.5 cm
  • Medium-sized frog
  • Back dark brown with orange or pink mustard marking
  • Underside mottled brown
  • Hind feet with horny plates which act as spades for digging

Habitat and Ecology


Forests, cultivated farmland and ponds, with significant use of urban structures like manholes and artificial ponds.

Activity DiurnalNocturnal

It is a burrower, but has well-developed adhesion disc on its fore limbs to enable climbing on steep surface.

When disturbed, it is able to blow up its body and secrete sticky mucus.

Diet Earthworms, ants and other insects.


Breeding period During warmer months after rain.
Mating call
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  • Bottom dwelling, about 30 mm in length
  • Body greyish-brown or dark-brown
  • Tip of the tail is rounded with transparent tail fin
  • May take only 20 days to complete metamorphosis
Egg Dark brown, floating in masses on stagnant water body.


Distribution and Conservation


South India, Sri Lanka and South China. Widespread in Hong Kong.

Conservation status (IUCN)

Least Concern



juvenile adult 4
adult 3 adult 2