Hylarana macrodactyla (Günther, 1858)
Three-striped Grass Frog 長趾蛙



Order Anura
Family Ranidae
Scientific name Hylarana macrodactyla
Chinese name 長趾蛙
Common name Three-striped Grass Frog



Size 3 - 4 cm
  • A tiny frog
  • Back greenish or brown with three golden-yellow lateral stripe (two dorso-lateral stripe and one mid-dorsal stipe) running from snout to vent
  • Body long and slender
  • Hindleg slender and elongated
  • Toes partially webbed
  • Snout long and pointed

Habitat and Ecology

Habitat Streams, marshes, ponds especially with shading by grasses and vegetation.
Activity Nocturnal
Diet Ants and other insects.


Breeding period During rainy season.
Mating call
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Larvae Brown. Live at the bottom of still water bodies.
Egg Brown. Tiny, about 1.3 mm.


Distribution and Conservation


Widely distributed in New Territories (e.g Sha Lo Tung, Sai Kung) and Lantau Island (e.g. Tai Ho, Pui O). Widespread throughout extreme southern China and Southeast Asia .

Conservation status (IUCN)

Least Concern



adult 1 adult 2
adult 3