BIOL3988 Biological Sciences Internship

This course aims to offer students the opportunities to gain work experience in the industry related to their major of study. The workspace learning experience would be of great benefits to the students to apply their knowledge gained in the study to the real work environments. Students have to take on at least 160 hours of internship work either within the University or outside the University arranged by the School / Departments.

(1) Within the University: the student will be supervised by a staff member (Supervisor), working on a project or various tasks as instructed by the Supervisor.

(2) Outside the University: The student will work in an external agency related to the major of study. The student will be supervised under a staff member of the external agency (the External Supervisor) and a staff member of the Department/School of the student (the Internal Supervisor). The work to be performed by the student will normally be instructed by the External Supervisor, with the prior agreement of the Internal Supervisor.



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