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Undergraduate Program

Nature of Subjects Taught

Principal/Co- course coordinator for the Major and Minor of the Food and Nutritional Science Bsc. Program. Design new laboratory courses, direct students with presentation skills and new food products development. Courses include:

Introductory courses:
BIOL 1123 Food Chemistry
BIOL 0002 Introduction to Food and Nutritional Science

Advanced courses:
BIOL 3526 Advanced Laboratory in Nutritional Science
BIOL 2520 Food Toxicology
BIOL 3524 Diet and Disease
BIOL 3523 Principles of Chinese Medicated Diet

Second and Third Year Research projects (average 3 students per year)

Year 3 Projects Students (Grade)

Or Cho Tsun (A) Proteome investigation of COriolus Versicolor (Yun Zhi) 06-07
Au Leung Kuen (A) Effect of docoshexaenoic acid on human hepatocellular carcinoma-inhibition of cyclooxygenase 2 and preoxisome proliferators-activated receptor gamma 06-07
Yun Tse Wang (A) The role of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in spleen cell survival: An evaluation with Passive Heymann Nephritis (PHN) 06-07
Leung Chim Yan (B+) Effect of dietary omega-3 and omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids on liver Bax and Bcl2 expression of a kidney disease rat model 06-07
Pak Yiu Ng (A) The effect of fatty acids on the pro-inflammatory proteins inducible nitric oxide synthase and Cyclooxygenase-2 in marine raw 264.7 macrophage cells 04-05
Tsang TSz Tsun (A-) Effects of Chinese Medicinal extract polysaccharide pretreatment on the anticancer effect of etoposide against sarcoma 180 04-05
Hui Cheuk Yin (A) The anticancer mechanism (s) of Chinese medicine danshen in the cell populations of HL-60 and K-562 04-05
Leung Wing Yee (B+) To compare the dietary and exercise patterns amongst primary school students in New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong island. 03-04
Chow Wing Yuen (B+) Assessment of Nutrition and Exercise Education needs in Primary Schools in Hong Kong
Kwok Nagi Ping (A) A New Model of Chemotherapeutic Treatment:Study of the Anticancer effect of polysaccharide peptides (PSP) alone and with adjuvant to chemotherapeutic agents on cell cycle regulation and cell death of the human breast cancer cell line (ZR-70-30) 03-04
Louie Chun Yu (A+) The effect of polysaccharopeptide pretreatment on the sensitivity of ZR-75-30 cells to conventional chemotherapy 03-04
So Wing Yan (A) Immuno-modulatory Effect of Chinese Herbal Cordyceps Sinesis, Rhizoma Fagopyri Cymosi and Luncare 03-04
Lee Cheuk Lun (A) The effect of Culture condition on the yield of bioactive compounds from medicinal fungi -yunzhi 02-03
Leung Sze Ki (A+) Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine -WH30+ on Lithium-induced renal failure rat model 02-03
Li Tiu Ting (A) Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine - Lunfit on hepatic glutathione, glutathione related enzymes and plasma cytokines in an endotoxin treated mice model 01-02
Yung Yu Fung (A) Investigation of chronic effect of PSP and Danshen on Glutathione-related enzyme and Immunity with use of an endotoxin model 00-01
Venes Chu (A) Dietary Fiber Content of Chinese Food 98-99
Joyce Wan (A) Calcium Content of Chinese Functional Food 98-99
Cheung Ho Tak (A) Oncogens detection in leukemias 97-98
Wong Mei Sze (A) Antioxidants and free radicals levels in Hong Kong Asthmatic Patients 97-98
Wong Suk Fong (A) Expression of the cell-cycle regulatory proteins, cyclins and apopotic gene P53 in Hong Kong Breast Cancer Patients 97-98

  Supervision of Research Students and Their Achievements

Few of my M.Phil students who have graduated in the recent years are pursuing Ph.D studies at HKU, CUHK. Other graduates: Chiu Chi Ming is an instructor of the department of Biology, The Chinese University, Chu Chu Sing is the Marketing and Clinical Service Manager at the International Pharmaceutical company Ferrings, HK, Ng Yuk-Fun as an Excutive Officer in HK, Ho Tsz Nag is a Director of Critical Trails at Merck and Pui Yan Hui as a Research Assistant in the Department of Microbiology, HKU.

Present postgraduates

Ph.D Field of Study Years
Ping Ping Jiang Anti-inflammatory effects of photochemicals 04-08
Jor Wing Yan Proteomics, lipids and liver cancer 06-08
Lee Yee Ki Nutrigenomics and liver cancer 06-08
Ye Yi Sha Protoemics, lipids and Kidneys disease 06-08
Wong Lap Yan Protoemics, lipids and liver cancer 06-08
Jin Jin Proteomics and Chinese medicine mushroom 07-09

Students Graduated

Ph.D. Thesis Title Year
Chiu Chi Ming Cis-polyunsaturated Fatty Acids and Leukemia 94-98
Chu Chun Sing Detection of Tumor Marker Expression and apoptosis by Flow Cytometry 94-99
Lee Chung Yung Dietary Antioxidant Vitamin E and Immunocompetence Screening in Hong Kong Population 95-99
Xiotong Yang The Anticancer Mechanisms of Polysaccharide Peptide PSP derived from the Chinese Medicinal fungus coriolus versicolor 99-02
Nagai Hoi Yee Proteomic Approach in Biomarkers Discovery in Kidneys inflammatory diseases 03-07
M.Phil Thesis Title Year
Ng Yuk Fun Dietary fats and breast cancer Interrelationships 95-97
Ho Tsz Nga Dietary antioxidants, free radicals in Motor Neurons Degeneration 95-98
Alice Chow Anticancer Mechanism of Denshen 01-03
Kelvin Chan Chinese Medicine and Immunity 01-03
Pui Yan Hui Chinese Medicine and Cancer 01-03
Ka Wai Wong Immunomodulatory properties of The Chinese Medicinal extracts Polysaccharide Peptide 01-03
Karen Liu The effect of dietary fatty acids on LPS-challenged Human macrophages: Proteomics approach 04-06
Lee Cheuk Lun The immunomodulatory pathways of Chinese Medicinal mushroom PSP on Human T-cells 04-06
So Wing Yan Obesity and Immunity 05-07



External Examiner for M.Phil and Doctoral Thesis

Name Thesis Title Year
Wong Kwan Yeung, M.Phil. Roles of manganese superoxide dismutase in ovarian cancer 2007
Li Ying, Ph.D. "Assessment of a calcium-specific food frequency questionnaire and its use in telephone interviews among Chinese population". In department of Biochemistry, The Chinese University, Hong Kong. 2005
Wang Yun Ph.D. "Effect of Phytoestrogen on Estrogen Biosynthesis
and Hydroxylation in Vitro" In Department of Biochemistry
The Chinese University, Hong Kong.
Lai Kin Ming, M.Phil. "Antitumor effects of Mushroom Sclerotial Polysaccharide. In Department of Biology. The Chinese University, HK. 2005
Lam Kin Bong, Ph.D. "The effect of Arsenic Trioxide on Acute Megakaryocytic Leukemia, Signaling, Cell cycle Arrest and Apoptosis. In Medical Sciences, The University of Hong Kong. 2004
Chan LL., Ph.D. "Proteomic approach to characterize differential protein expression in toxic and harmful algal bloom species (HABs)". In the Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology. The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 2004
Mubiru JN, Ph.D. "Growth and development of the pancreas and stomach in neonatal pigs". In Department of Zoology, The University of Hong Kong. 1997