Useful Links:


UCARWeb: University Corporation for Athmospheric Research (USA)
Gives access to National Centre for Atmospheric Research

US Environmental Protection Agency
Global warming links

Unified Air Toxics
A website from US EPA - Technology Transfer Network

US EPA Office of Air and Radiation
The office is concerned with pollution prevention, indoor and outdoor air quality, industrial air pollution, pollution from vehicles and engines, radon, acid rain, stratospheric ozone depletion and radiation protection

OAQPS - Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards
The office is part of the US EPA Office of Air and Radiation

NOAA's Air Resources Laboratory
The ARL conducts research on processes that relate to air quality, emergency preparedness forecasting and climate, concentrating on the transport, dispersion, transformation and removal of trace gases and aerosols, and the exchange between the atmosphere and biological and non-biological surfaces
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


International Corporate Reporting

The Centre for Sustainable Design
Environmental Education

Education for Sustainability: An Agenda for Action

EE Perspectives

LOICZ International Project Office (IPO)
Planet Earth - Earth Sciences for Society

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) & Auditing
Australian EIA Network

Hong Kong's Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance

Introduction to Environmental Management Systems

International Association for Impact Assessment

New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment

US NCEA - National Centre for Environmental Assessment
Environmental Labelling

Blue Angel (Germany)

Green Seal

Scientific Certification Systems

Environmental Management

European Environment Agency

Human Development Reports  - Fighting Climate Change: Human Solidarity in a Divided World
Institute for Global Environmental Strategies – Online Platform on Environmental Strategy, Policy and Research

International Association for Impact Assessment

International Institute for Environment and Development

PAGES - Past Global Changes
World Trade Organization

WWF UK – Changing the Way We Live

Virtual Library on Urban Environmental Management


Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

ANSI - The American National Standards Institute

ISO 14001 Information Services

ISO14000 & ISO14001 implementation software CD

The ISO14000 Information Centre
Government Departments & Related Organisations of HKSAR

Government Units related to formulation/implementation/
supporting service of environmental policies


Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department
Architectural Services Department
Buildings Department
Civil Engineering and Development Department
Drainage Services Department
Education Bureau
Environment Bureau
Environment Bureau - Sustainable Development Division

Environment and Conservation Fund Committee
Environment Protection Department


Environment Protection Department - Advisory Council on the Environment (ACE)
Environment Protection Department - Waste
Environmental Campaign Committee
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
Food and Environmental Hygiene Department
Government Laboratory
Highways Department
Hong Kong Police Force
Hong Kong Productivity Council
Hong Kong Observatory
Hong Kong Waste Management Association
Labour Department
Lands Department
Marine Department
News - Environment
Planning Department
Transport Department
Water Supplies Department
Government policy documents/reports/information on the environment

Environment Protection Department - Environmental Assessment (EA) and Planning

Environment Protection Department - Environmental Impact Assessment Ordinance


Life Cycle Assessment

PRe Consultants
Life Cycle consultancy and software solutions

The Green Design Initiative at Carnegie Mellon University
Green Groups
Conservancy Association

Friends of the Earth
Green Power

World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong
Sustainable Development

Caring for the Earth - A Strategy for Sustainable Living

Community Environmental Council/ Gildea Resource Centre   http://www.communityenvironmental

Environmental Sustainability Index

European Sustainable Cities and Towns Campaign

ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability

International Coalition for Sustainable Production and Consumption

Sustainable Cities Net

UK Government - Sustainable Development Index

UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs

United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
United Nations Development Programme
United Nations Environment Programme
United Nations Environment Programme Regional Office for Europe
United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change

United Nations Industrial Development Organization


Bioreactor Landfill Demonstration Project
The project is a five-year project managed by the Florida Centre for Solid and Hazardous Waste Management, a State University System Type I Centre of the Florida Board of Regents

Brownfields homepage at EPA's Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
The brownfield project attempts to empower communities, and other stakeholders in economic development to work together in a timely manner for sustainable brownfield management
Hazardous Waste Clean-up Information
Provides information about innovative treatment technologies to the hazardous waste remediation community

Yale Working Papers on Solid Waste Policy
Papers focussing on solid waste management

ASMA Enviromalaysia
Provides air and water quality Monitoring

Ecological Wastewater Systems
Offers sustainable strategies

Environmental Protection Agency's Office of Water
Provides information on water management

Sanitation Connection
An Internet-based resource that gives you access to updated information on technologies, institutions and financing of sanitation systems around the world