Forewords 序

I read the electronic book, “Our Home, Our Future: Environmental Issues in Hong Kong” developed by the School of Biological Sciences, the University of Hong Kong with great delight and appreciation. It is among a handful of high quality materials gauged at junior secondary levels. The materials provide readers with relevant and succinct information about several key environmental issues in Hong Kong. They serve well in enhancing the readers’ awareness and understanding of the pertinent issues. The activities are interesting and thought-provoking and seamlessly help students develop a sense of responsibility and ownership of our world. I congratulate the team’s dedicated effort in realizing this invaluable mission. In addition to junior secondary Liberal Studies teachers, I also enthusiastically recommend the materials to every Hong Kong citizen and hope that every reader feels as interested as I was with this refreshing take on these issues.

Dr. Alice Siu Ling WONG
Associate Professor and Assistant Dean (Programme),
Faculty of Education,
The University of Hong Kong