Order: Anura  

adult 1
There is a dark band between eyes

adult 2

adult 3 The limbs are very strong.

tadpole 1 The colour of the tadpole is dark grey.

tadpole 2
The tadpole is large.

  Family: Ranidae

Scientific Name:

Paa spinosa
  Common Name: Giant Spiny Frog
  Chinese Name: 棘胸蛙
  Size: 10-14cm
  Breeding Period: April to August
  Diet: Carnivorous
  Habit: Nocturnal

It is restricted to higher altitudes, inhabits at mountain streams shaded by forests. it is often found resting on rocks in streams.

Status (IUCN):

Can only be found at Tai Mo Shan area. Widely distributed in central and southern China , and North Vietnam .



The largest frog in Hong Kong which is dark brown in colour interspersed with dense, yellowish mottling. The back has sparse wrinkles and the chest has dense horny spines. It has strong and muscular limbs. Hind limbs are fully webbed.

  Reproduction: Males develop horny spiny on the chest furing breeding season. Eggs laid in a chain form under water.